The field and the way we work

I. The field of work, previously THE LINE Architecture and Construction, is granted Certificate of Registration with enterprise code number 0102176556 on March 2nd, 2007. engages in these following areas: 

  1. Architectural design;
  2. Interior and exterior design;
  3. Construct civil and industrial works;
  4. Monitor construction and completion of civil works;
  5. Counsel for investment, establishment of investment projects, economic-technological report, purchase of equipment.

II. The way we work

  1. Owner or investor is welcome at office before commencing of design and construction. This step is extremely important.
  2. will introduce design or/and construction service packages.
  3. will examine the status of the designed or construction sites.
  4. will establish and present design sketches or/and the layout of interior design and function diagram of the whole project.
  5. Signing of the Design Contract.
  6. The 3D sketches will be primarily put into work for the main area of the construction, then for the whole shop-drawings.
  7. Total estimated cost in details for the whole construction project will only be launched after being agreed on by the two sides; this will not be included in the Design Contract.
  8. will manage the construction project fully or partially as negotiated, based on the total estimated cost and construction progress as planned by Construction Contract will then be negotiated and signed.


Date of Issue: 04/10/2013 - 19:22:34