04 January 2019

T's apartment


A clockwise full of sunshine and wind, I came to the survey of her old friend 63m2 apartment status. Stepping into the house, the first thing I felt was the general living space was very lacking in natural light at. By the surrounding is the wall and the door, the light source has only been from a very narrow and deep logia. Next to the rest of the rooms, the true layout of this apartment will be inconvenient when the scheme, which uses something that can be caught, while the common area of living outside is too empty. And from there, the whole post throughout the design process is beyond reasonable, I have to get plenty of natural light into the house.

Understand the importance of light, in which natural light is the main element that helps the interaction between interior and external environment. The glass wall-Nan iron is not the alternative to boring walls, but also makes the most of natural light from the rooms but still has the privacy of being closed. The light of the indoor lights is also carefully calculated, from the spread or pressing to the intensity of light, the color of the light... they are all sorted in appropriate positions to respect the beauty of the material as well as interior spaces.

The mainstream color of the apartment is white. The color of purity, lightness, femininity and also not least part of the home's personality, a solitary master likes the globe in simple things. In many white spaces but still need the warmth and highlights. Walnut wood and hexagon gach are selected for the floor, crude white paint and cotton tiles are chosen to create visual highlights for the house.

Deciding to unload two toilets to replan the space on living demand, the tightening of the function has actually been dissolved. At this main bedroom space is more open, the closet is designed to be larger in accordance with the needs of many of the home. The living room is no longer diluted by redundant likes such as the anterior, pre-set sofas of white painted brick wall, combined with accessories such as carpets, tabs... in northern style. Special system of sanitation doors are hidden in the TV wall, which creates simplicity, coherent on the contours as well as material.

Kitchen space is designed to be comfortable with the fully inspiring functionality for any hard-looking housewife. The home-white kitchen cabinet is combined with the cavity to spice the natural wood on a cotton tile that creates gentle sensation but is still impressive. Huge shoe cabinet located next to the kitchen cabinet can satisfy the needs of the master.

The apartment was completed and put into use for two months of construction. Everything is arranged to be organized, tuned next to the pots, flower vase. I am so happy that the same host made the living space really relaxed, so that the space goes anywhere you want to go back.



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  • Completion year 2018
  • Area 62m2
  • Location Thach Ban, Long Bien, Hanoi, Vietnam
  • Photographers Trung Lee
  • Interior Khanh Phong company
  • Construction Centicons company