03 May 2021

Vinhomes Riverside Villa


Over the years of design, I.HOUSE has carried out many projects, of which the projects on renovation are many. This house is among them but fully meet the most interesting elements of the design and renovation of family houses in new urban areas.

A model duplex villa, in an urban area meeting ecological standards, about green space on water, about high-class utilities for all residents. The conditions outside are perfect, a place worth living in the heart of the city, but inside it is not so. After many renovations, the house has deteriorated, the space is intertwined, the area for traffic is too much to make all family activities uncomfortable. Specifically, the swimming pool is located in a large space on the side of the house, which is a place that cannot be used often because the northern climate has 9 months not summer, the kitchen is still divided by traffic, the walls are built in many locations that need ventilation, wardrobes and toilets overflow, causing the 2nd floor master bedroom to be distorted.Interestingly, on the 3rd floor, with many spaces left but with very airy view, covering the beautiful view of the entire building. We don't ignore such a special space by bringing up the master bedroom and sanitation here, save downstairs for our two sons to do the classroom, sleep and have fun. For I.HOUSE, the functional problem is always the top priority and such a layout has really satisfied us and the landlord.

Our design view with the interior and exterior space is inseparable, the door must be open to the maximum, concrete - the building wall must be minimized so that nature is flooded into the house as much as possible, so that the house is more ventilated, more spacious and especially for people to be immerse in that sunny and windy space. This space addition is applied throughout the entire house, in addition to increasing the usable area, leaving the excess corner it also increases the cohesion between family members when the internal and external space is united.

I.HOUSE's desire when designing is to bring the house back to the true value of minimalism, of its inherent freedom, the infinity design language has been considered to eliminate all visual "entanglements", creating coherent pieces of material / color, clear with the effective support of trees, of natural materials. The house itself is located in a very beautiful location in terms of green space, water surface, so the design of architecture, interior and garden is homage to the surrounding environment is meaningful, responsible for nature.

Vinhomes Riverside

Vinhomes Riverside

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  • Completion year 2020
  • Area 391,5m2
  • Construction Centicons jsc.,
  • Location Hoa Phuong str., Vinhomes Riverside, Long Bien, Hanoi
  • Photographs Hoang Le